Sustainable Life at Sea

Our seas are one of the most important natural resources of our world. However, the environmental problems of our seas have been increasing in recent years. Therefore, everyone needs to make an effort to protect our seas and solve their environmental problems. In this blog post, we will discuss what we can do about environmentalism in our seas and why it is important.

Our seas are facing environmental problems every day. Problems such as marine pollution, climate change, extinction of sea creatures disrupt the natural structure of our seas and threaten the ecological balance.

Marine pollution is a problem caused by wastes thrown into our seas. Especially in Turkey, it is very important to comply with the rules set by the Ministry of harbour to prevent this situation. Unfortunately, there is no grey tank application for commercial and individual sailboats and motor yachts. Grey tanks are tanks where wastes such as shower and dish water are collected except toilet waste. Since sailing boats and other marine vehicles do not have this application, we recommend that you choose dishwashing detergent and shampoo that do not harm the sea while shopping for your boating holiday. Many brands produce such products.


Plastics, chemicals and petroleum products harm marine life and the marine ecosystem. For this reason, you can choose recyclable materials or paper products instead of plastic plates, forks and knives.

Climate change is changing the habitats of marine species and causing extinction of species due to its effects such as rising water levels in our seas, increasing water temperatures and increasing sea acidity.

Remember that none of us can resist nature and we have to be respectful. Because unfortunately, it is difficult to bring back our seas, which can be called impossible.

We can save our seas with small steps for us.

The correct processing of waste and waste helps to reduce marine pollution. Therefore, practices such as recycling waste, collecting waste and avoiding leaving waste in the sea are important.

The protection of marine organisms is important for the marine ecosystem to remain healthy. In order to prevent the extinction of marine organisms, it is important to comply with hunting rules, protect the habitats of marine organisms and reduce marine pollution.

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