Unique Bays  of Marmaris

Hello everyone! We are with you in another M-Blog. In this article, we will talk about the natural wonders of Marmaris and the bays you can go by boat. Have a pleasant reading...

Marmaris is a region located in the south-west of Turkey. It is famous for its unique natural beauties, warm climate and clean sea. Many bays located here attract the attention of tourists. Here are the most popular bays in Marmaris where you can go by sailing boat:

İçmeler Bay: İçmeler Bay, one of the most popular bays of Marmaris, is famous for its fascinating natural beauty, warm water and clear sea. Restaurants, cafes and bars on the beach make it even more enjoyable.

Turunc Bay: Turunç Bay is located between the mountains covered with lush forests and is famous for its calmness. It is a bay frequently visited especially by boats with its clean sea and natural beauties. The fish restaurants here are also very famous.

Kumlubük Bay Kumlubük Bay is famous for its natural beauty and calm atmosphere. Instead of large hotels, there are boutique hotels and hostels here. The beaches in the bay allow tourists to have a comfortable and enjoyable holiday. The sea has a structure suitable for mooring as a bottom structure. For this reason, it is among the bays that host boats the most.

Amos Bay Amos Bay, one of the most beautiful bays of Marmaris, is famous for its calmness and natural beauty. The sea is clear and warm. The restaurants in the bay offer delicious meals.

Çiftlik Bay: Çiftlik Bay is one of the calmest bays of Marmaris. Its natural beauties and clean sea make it a place preferred by tourists. If you dive here, it is quite possible to encounter sea creatures that you have never encountered before in the waters of Turkey and make your boat holiday unforgettable.

Visiting any of these bays allows you to make your blue cruise unforgettable and accumulate unique memories.

Marmaris is a very popular region in terms of sailing boat tourism.

Marmaris bays can be visited by sailing boat and some bays can only be reached by boat.

Especially some bays such as Kumlubük Bay, Amos Bay and Çiftlik Bay are among the bays that can only be reached by boat.

Other popular bays such as İçmeler Bay and Turunç Bay can also be visited by sailing boat.

 A holiday by sailing boat is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy nature and witness the meeting of blue and green.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article about Marmaris bays. Take care of yourself until next week, stay with blue!

Yelkenli ile Marmaris Koyları
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